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LaTousha Daniels

Preacher, Teacher, Television and Radio Host, Marketing and Public Relations Executive, Entrepreneur, Community Advocate and Motivational Speaker

LaTousha Daniels was born and reared in the city of Miami, Florida and is the daughter of the late Cleveland Daniels and Mrs. Mildred Daniels-Brooks. She is a graduate of Florida Memorial College where she majored in Business Administration. At Florida Memorial she was honored by the college by serving as Miss Ambassador Chorale and was presented with “Most Outstanding Student of the Year" award. In addition, she served as a Producer and host of the "FMC TODAY” the college television talk show. Reverend Daniels is a life-learner and has studied as a graduate student at the University of South Florida and the University of South Carolina.

As a child, many spiritually influenced LaTousha, but she attributes a considerable amount of influence to her parents, grandmother, and the women of a Fellowship Prayer Band. Her father impacted her life by holding family bible studies and prayer in their home. This coupled with the steering hand of love, support, and wisdom of her mother all provided a solid Christian foundation. This proved to be a tremendous asset when her father was later killed by a drunk driver when she was only thirteen years old. Her maternal grandmother was a church musician who imparted the love of gospel music in her life.

At the age of 18, LaTousha dedicated her life to the Lord in a dormitory room at Florida Memorial College. At the age of 19, LaTousha Daniels heard the beckoning call of God into the office of an Evangelist. As a result of several months of ministerial training under the leadership of Reverend B. Alexander-Scott, Pastor of the Tree of Life Deliverance Ministry, on June 26, 1994 at the age of 20 she was licensed in the Gospel Ministry. Being honored by the spiritual covering of Bishop Victor T. Curry in June of 1998 she was re-licensed under the New Birth Baptist Church. In June of 2004 at the age of 30 LaTousha was ordained the National Evangelist and consecrated a Council Elder for the Hang on Ministries in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This ordained evangelist has served in ministry as a staff minister and Associate/Executive Pastor assisting and assigned to developing ministries such as the Women, Music, Youth, and Praise and Worship. Regarded as a natural communicator in ministry and professionally, LaTousha is a well sought after motivational speaker and has served as a Radio and Television Talk Show Host.

LaTousha is also the founder of LD Ministries and owner of LD Consulting. LD Ministries is an inter-denominational evangelistic and outreach ministry committed to spreading the message of faith, hope, inspiration, and motivation. LD Ministries mission is to win souls for the kingdom and share the message of hope by strengthening local churches through discipleship, renewal and training activities and providing outreach services in non-traditional settings.

LD Consulting is a consulting firm that provides grant writing, non-profit program development and evaluation, Public Relations and event planning.

LaTousha remains the National Evangelist of Hang on Ministries of Charlotte, North Carolina and has served as the Assistant Pastor of the Rogers Memorial United Methodist Church, Executive Pastor of Empowerment Worldwide Ministries, Associate Minister of Christian Fellowship Gospel Temple and is currenlty under watchcare at the Friendship Missionary Baptist Church of Miami.